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Bob Stine Introduction to Time Series Materials

Looking for course materials and data sets for introducing time series concepts?  Bob Stine, Professor of Statistics in the Wharton School of Business, has kindly shared Introduction to Time Series course materials.  Materials integrate JMP screen-captures.


Thanks Bob!


Click on the link below, and then scroll down to Lecture notes for pdfs and JMP data sets.  Descriptions of the data sets are provided at the bottom of the page (under Data sets).


Link:  Introduction to Time Series Analysis


Topics include:

  • SLR
  • MLR, and MLR with Categorical Predictors
  • Regression for Time Series
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Autogregressive and Moving Average (ARMA)
  • ARIMA and Forecasting


Share your own course materials by starting a discussion or uploading course content to the ​.


Thanks.  This is very helpful.


Glad to hear it Jim!  When are you going to share some of your teaching materials with the world?



Hi Mia,


Please note above link to Lecture notes for pdfs and JMP data sets is not working and not valid. Please can you verify - thanks

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