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Contact JMP Technical Support Add-in

How can JMP Technical Support help you?


To make reaching out to Technical Support easier for you, we have created the Contact JMP Technical Support Add-In.  This Add-In will open a dialog where you can select a topic and subtopic, provide details of your question, and even attach files. There are also links to additional resources, such as the online documentation and the JMP User Community. This Add-In is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.



Once installed, a new menu item will appear on your Help menu in JMP:


As you make topic and subtopic selections, additional fields may appear.  These prompts allow us to gather other pertinent information that will aid in our ability to provide you with the best answer to your question.


Preferences under the User Information red triangle allow you to control whether the entered phone number is retained in the dialog.  You can also specify that JMP check for updates to the Add-In automatically or only when requested.



The Details section is designed to allow you to provide more specifics about what you are trying to accomplish or need help interpreting. Because details are so important to our understanding of your question, this free-form area is required and allows enough room for you to be very specific with your request.


Images, data files, or other documents that help to demonstrate a question or problem can be attached, as well.  If your data is confidential, try Tables > Anonymize to generate a new table where unique identifiers have been removed.


Upon clicking the Submit button, the Add-In will attempt to open an email message in your default mail client pre-populated with the information you have provided, including attachments.  Simply click the Send button in the email to open a track with JMP Technical Support. (Note: Most default mail clients, such as Outlook and the Mail app on Mac, are supported.  Web-based mail may also be successful if the mailto protocol is set.)


We hope you find this Add-In useful and we look forward to working with you!


Edit 07DEC16:  Fixed an issue that prevented using Scripting as a topic


Since JMP User Community menu item disappeared in JMP 15, the menu item for this disappeared.  Just an FYI.  

@vince_faller, the menu item is still there, but it has moved to the "JMP on the Web" submenu within the Help menu.


Doesn't seem to work on JMP 16, tried reinstalling, still throws an error after selecting topic (bypassing the selection of Topic, and just entering the other details works).


Quickly checked and the issue might be with line


	subList = Column( topicsAndSuptopicsDT << Subset( Selected Rows( 1 ), private ), "Subtopic" ) << Get Values;

in file ContactJMP_functions. Seems like the subsetting must be done outside Column function (didn't even know you could do it inside the Column()), for example:


	tempDt = topicsAndSuptopicsDT << Subset( Selected Rows( 1 ), private );
	subList = Column( tempDt, "Subtopic" ) << Get Values;
	Close(tempDt, no save);





 @jthi it seems that helped, as many people probably will run into this and don't know how to change the file and resubmit it to JMP it might be a good idea to add a new Add-in version to this thread. @Justin_Chilton I just tested changing the file and reinstalled the add-in and now I can use all submenus again. 

@MarkDayton @martindemel , I just uploaded a new version with a fix for this issue. 

FYI, I reported the underlying issue, hopefully to be fixed in a future release. The problem only happens for temporary private data tables that are passed as arguments to other functions.