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QuickSelect Toolbar
Level XI


The AddIn provides a collection of useful shortcuts for exploratory data analysis and manipulation.


How to Use

The toolbar may not be displayed by default. To display the toolbar, select View > Toolbars > QuickSelect.






Description of the Shortcuts:

1. Clear Exclude. Reset the excluded state of all rows.

2. Clear selection (useful if a Heatmap plot is open where the user can not clear the selection within GraphBuilder)

3. Text To Columns ... (from Cols/Utilities) *)

4. add dummy rows - workaround for Graph-Builder-Combine-Smoother-and-Line 


5 - 7: Three shortcuts along the idea: Save the current selection as a column:

5. Label Selected Rows. Similar to Name Selection in Column ...
The differences:
- It uses a column with data type Multiple Responsenew information is appended, no pre-existing value is overwritten. This allows the user to collect information in an iterative way.

- predefined tags (which can be edited by the user via settings)

6. Add Selected Column (dynamic version). Generates a column with formula selected()to dynamically label selected/non-selected rows as 1/0. The column can be used in GraphBuilder plots as Overlay or Color to dynamically split the evaluation between the selected and non-selected subset (like it is explained in several webinars and Community posts).

7. Add Selected Column (static version). It just saves the current selection as 0/1.


8. open the current selection as a linked subset
extremely useful for on-the-fly data curartion and exploratory data analysis
9. Invert. Invert the current row selection. "select all rows" (if no row is selected) *)

10. Current Selection -> Exclude. Mark the selected rows as excluded *)


*) Thanks to a wonderful tip by @Jeff_Perkinson , the 3 Shortcut functions are now recorded by the advanced Log:



System Configuration

Add-in developed and tested using the following system configuration:



JMP 16 - 17.1



Handy!  I'm a big fan of things like Invert Selection and Name Selection in a Column that are a bit buried normally and your new functions look very useful.


The current version of Normalize has a bug when using a subset for normalization.
A new version is on the way ... :)


the new version is available now - hopefully without bugs in the normalize function ...

additional improvements:
- explain the GUI goes through the main settings and explains how they can be used.
- normalization with reference subset: multiple items can be selected


The Normalization functionality  hogi_0-1694177037703.png   was removed from this AddIn and published as a separate one:

Normalization GUI