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Add-In Guidelines
Community Manager Community Manager

Add-in guidelines are intended to ensure consistency and integrity with the add-ins available in the File Exchange. 


  1. Use best practices for scoping and namespaces. Review the “Advanced Scoping and Namespaces” section in JMP help for more information.
  2. Do not use any code that would modify existing symbols, e.g., Clear Symbols, Delete Symbols, Clear Globals.
  3. Do not modify user preferences (unless it is the purpose of the add-in).
  4. Do not use Quit or Exit.
  5. Avoid adding scripts directly to the add-in/toolbar. A better practice is to have all code in .jsl files.
  6. Comment the code.
  7. If the add-in will be included in a menu other than Add-Ins, make it clear the menu item is not part of the standard menu.


When posting an article about the add-in,


  • Explain the purpose
  • Provide instructions/examples on how to use it
  • Specify the operating system and JMP version used for development/testing
  • Identify any connections to services/databases, file system manipulation, etc.
  • Include acknowledgments if using others' code


The author is responsible for the support and maintenance of the add-in. Do not contact JMP Support.


Add-ins not updated in five years will be subject to review and possible archival from the exchange.