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Data Table Tools Add-in

This addin contains several utilities for working more efficiently with data tables. With it, you can:


  • Quickly set the number of decimal places displayed in the data table.
  • Set and change column widths in bulk.
  • Perform customized reordering and sorting of columns in bulk.
  • Convert value labels to the equivalent strings.
  • Push and pull column names to and from tables in bulk.
  • Lock and unlock tables and columns in bulk.
  • Create random categorical and correlated normal data.
  • Get data from any JMP report table.
  • Get (x,y) points from any graph within a JMP report.
  • Click on an image to record (x,y) points.
  • Span or interpolate over empy cells.
  • Create custom date formulas using an intuitive interface with drop-down menus.
  • Number rows in their order of occurrence within specified groups.
  • Create a column whose values are 1 when the row is selected and 0 otherwise.
  • Concatenate multiple files (text, JMP or excel) from a folder (optionally, its subfolders as well) into a single .jmp table.
  • Concatenate a table with itself any number of times.
  • Sample table rows with or without replacement.
  • Convert between multiple-response and stacked formats.
  • Expand a table using frequency counts (unsummarize rows).


Many of these features will be described in more detail in JMP blogs. Some will also be available as stand-alone add-ins. As it becomes available, supporting documentation will also be uploaded to this page.





Cool beans!  Thank-you!

Extremely useful and what a time-saver this has been. Have used this add-in already today! Thank you..

A PDF help file with examples will be good to understand and use this add-in

Utterly fantastic, thank you!



I agree. The problem is that .pdf and .docx files cannot currently be uploaded--I am not sure why, but this happened after the infrastucture switch. When this is remedied, I will get the documents posted, as I blog about them. Right now the only document that is written is the one for the custom date formula writer.




can I download this add in for JMp11

"Push column names" does not allow to select the "column of column names" resulting in Error "Ensure selections are made in all 3 panes". It is empty. What am I missing?
Did you press the “Refresh table list” button in the upper left of the window? Once this has been done, you should be able to:

1. Select the new table in the upper left list box (it will not appear until you refresh the name list; for reasons I won’t get into here, the name list does not refresh itself automatically)
2. Select the column of column names in the lower left list box
3. Select the table into which you will push these names
4. Check or uncheck options, as appropriate
5. Press the “Push Names” button


Thanks for responding Brady,

I did refresh the list and even started the add-in and JMP over again.

But that did not help either. Tested on multiple files.

Using 13.2.0 on Mac and latest add-in.

Regards, Olaf


I recorded a little video showing what I did and how the problem presents to me, but uploading here requires some version of flash that is not installed on our systems (working on windows right now).

Same on win JMP 13.1.0

Olaf, will you please shoot me an email directly? I will need to troubleshoot the app, I'm afraid. Perhaps some surgery will be required.




Hi Brady-- I've got an instance where we need to convert a date format from "ww/yyyy" (i.e. categorical column containing week number followed by 4 digit year, separated with forward slash delimiter) into something that JMP understands as a date.  The "Data Table Tools/Special Column Formulas/Custom Date Writer Formula" is fantastic, but doesn't handle this particular case.  Would this be an easy change to incorporate?  (Or, is there another way to handle it?)




Brady, this is a great toolset. I am still just scratching the surface. One piece I use a lot is the Span Empty Cells, Interpolate using an X column. This has served me many time in interpolated serval columns at once. I have a set now where I have by variables. I actually have 15 sets. I am currently working through them one at a time. It is tedious but it could be worse. :) Have you ever written this code to handle by variables?

I got the same error "Ensure selections are made in all 3 panes" when trying to push the column names. Anyone know how to resolve this?

Brady, your Add-in app was just recommended to me from a JMP training session for the company I work for.  It solved my problem beautifully and has allowed me to take a complicated machine date/time column of data and convert it into something I can actually use.

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