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Jun 9, 2012

Data Table Tools Add-in

This addin contains several utilities for working more efficiently with data tables. With it, you can:


  • Quickly set the number of decimal places displayed in the data table.
  • Set and change column widths in bulk.
  • Perform customized reordering and sorting of columns in bulk.
  • Convert value labels to the equivalent strings.
  • Push and pull column names to and from tables in bulk.
  • Lock and unlock tables and columns in bulk.
  • Create random categorical and correlated normal data.
  • Get data from any JMP report table.
  • Get (x,y) points from any graph within a JMP report.
  • Click on an image to record (x,y) points.
  • Span or interpolate over empy cells.
  • Create custom date formulas using an intuitive interface with drop-down menus.
  • Number rows in their order of occurrence within specified groups.
  • Create a column whose values are 1 when the row is selected and 0 otherwise.
  • Concatenate multiple files (text, JMP or excel) from a folder (optionally, its subfolders as well) into a single .jmp table.
  • Concatenate a table with itself any number of times.
  • Sample table rows with or without replacement.
  • Convert between multiple-response and stacked formats.
  • Expand a table using frequency counts (unsummarize rows).


Many of these features will be described in more detail in JMP blogs. Some will also be available as stand-alone add-ins. As it becomes available, supporting documentation will also be uploaded to this page.





Cool beans!  Thank-you!


Extremely useful and what a time-saver this has been. Have used this add-in already today! Thank you..


A PDF help file with examples will be good to understand and use this add-in


Utterly fantastic, thank you!




I agree. The problem is that .pdf and .docx files cannot currently be uploaded--I am not sure why, but this happened after the infrastucture switch. When this is remedied, I will get the documents posted, as I blog about them. Right now the only document that is written is the one for the custom date formula writer.





can I download this add in for JMp11

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