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Spider Plot Add-in


This add-in combines a number of visualizations related to consumer analytics, including Spider Plots, a multivariate plot on normalized values (riffing on @danschikore's RadViz add-in), a parallel plot, and pairwise correlation analysis.  The add-in installs as "Parker Analysis" (e.g. Peter Parker) under the add-in menu.


The setup is straight forward - just drop the variables of interest into the variables field and the sample/person/product ID in the Label field.  A summarized version of the Candy Bar Nutrition sample data set is included to demonstrate the table set up.  



Since collected data can sometimes not extend the full width of an available scale (i.e. possible values ranged between 1 and 7, but observed values only ranging between 2 and 4) the platform has an option to use the Axis column property.  Select the checkbox in the lower left of the launcher and the tool will scan the variables for Axis settings and scale those parts of the Spider plot accordingly.  




Comments, complaints, and thoughts for improvement are always welcome!



19May2020: Switched from adhoc parallel plot to using Graph Builder's Parallel Plot and added a bar chart with a column switcher.






I get an error message. I have JMP Pro 13 installed.


Add-In " - Parker Analysis" is not valid for this version of JMP



Hi, @bemevar!  


I developed the Add-in on 15.  Since I'm not set up to test on older versions of JMP, I peg my add-ins at the development version.  Check with the person that owns the license, you should be able to upgrade.





Hi Mike,

Very useful graph addin! I however do not see the red triangle for the radial visualizations (Spider and Radar plots), so I can not apply a local data filter or save these plots.  Also the resulting plots don't seem available when creating a dashboard.

I have version 14.2.



Hi, @mnkamel,


Since this is an add-in,  the red triangle menu would be something that I would have to program in.  But, you can get the pictures out by selecting them using the selection tool:


That should allow you to paste them into a PowerPoint, etc.  If you wanted that part to be in a dashboard, you'd probably have to code it directly.  I'm not aware of a method for making an addin available like that in Dashboards.  


Hope that helps!






Hi Mike,


Great Add-In!


It works really well on our test/manufacturing data for high volume MEMS products.


Thanks for sharing.


- Philip

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