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May 27, 2014

Venn Diagram

This add-in constructs Venn diagrams with either constant or proportional areas.  The former accommodate up to five variables and the latter are limited only by the distribution of the counts corresponding to the variables.


The proportional-area diagrams call methods kindly provided by Lee Wilkinson and documented in his paper “Exact and Approximate Area-proportional Circular Venn and Euler Diagrams”, available at  The corresponding computations are performed in Java, so you must have Java installed on your machine to run them.


The input can be either a single table with 0-1 variables or multiple tables with lists of items.  For details, click Add-Ins -> Venn Diagram -> Help after installing the add-in.


An example screenshot is below.




Update May 4, 2015:  The add-in now picks up the format of the frequency variable in the display as requested by Ross Miller.


is there a way to format the data labels?  e.g. adding a comma to the number, changing .10 to 10%, etc, or hiding the labels so i can paste in my own?

8108_venn diagram.jpg


Basic editing is available by expanding the "Labels" outline box on the right hand side and making changes in the boxes within.  Please let us know if you need more advanced formatting.


Ah sorry, that previous comment applies only to the labels for each Venn circle, not to the data counts inside the circles.   To format those counts I guess some functionality would need to be added.



This is really a great tool. Wish it had a recall button


great addin! ditto on the Recall button


Hi Venn Friends,


Just uploaded an update, featuring

- Automatic recall of specs in the dialog

- New dialog field that lets you specify a variable with a JMP format, and this format then gets applied to the counts

- New radio button in the display window lets you switch from counts to proportions, allows you to display percentages using the aforementioned formatter

- New checkbox "Density Points" provides a visual display of count density in the diagram

- Example data is now a part of the menu


Please give these a whirl and let me know if you have any problems or ideas for improvement! 


Just would like to ask about a functionality quesiton with the Venn Diagram Add-In.  It seems that it is not linked to changes that might occur in row states (eg Hide and Exclude).  If I hide and exclude row those still are being counted as part of the Venn Diagram.  Is there something that I may be overlooking in setting up the Venn Diagram or might this be bug?


Good catch MKostura--just uploaded an update that now honors excluded rows.  


Thanks.  Nice first step.  But making this Venn Diagram addin completely and dynamically  interactive with row selection would greatly increase utility and uptake by the community.   Right now the fix allows for hidden/excluded rows to function but only as a refresh.  The user has to start over to get the updated diagram.  Connecting to the local data filter would help immensely. 


This would be an excellent addition to the Graph Builder graph type menu.


Can I build VENN diagram in JMP 13Pro?

Hi @irinastl,


Yes, this add-in works with JMP Pro, version 13 to build Venn diagrams.


Go to the top of this post and download the .jmpaddin file and open it in JMP Pro 13. You'll find a Venn Diagram menu at the bottom of your Add-Ins menu.

This is a great add-in. However, when I check the box for "Proportional Areas" I get the following error in a JMP Alert window: invalid subscript (must be number or list of numbers) in access or evaluation of 'cN0[idx]' , cN0[/*###*/idx] The Java version of the proportional diagram is produced, but it never gets into a JMP output window. I have tried this in both JMP Pro 13 and 14, and tried the SAS supplied java.exe as well as the supplied version. All give the same error. Non-proportional diagrams work fine and look wonderful. Since the proportional diagrams are partially produced, I can resize and move all the circles to match that, but all that editing gets cumbersome pretty quickly. Is there a simple fix for this problem?