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Preferences Manager (with import/export)

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The Preferences Manager Add-In allows you to save, export, import, and switch between preference profiles. A preference profile stores all customizations you have made in the JMP Preferences (e.g. platform and report settings, graph settings, colors, styles, etc). 


Basic Use:

When you first install and launch the Preference Manager from the Add-Ins menu, you will not have any saved profiles. Start by saving your current JMP preferences by clicking "Save Current Preferences." You will be prompted the enter a name (in the example below I use "Standard").

Pref1.pngYou have now saved the current preferences to the "Standard" profile.

  • If you wish to update this profile: make some changes to your JMP preferences, then launch the Add-In, select the profile you wish to update, and click "Update Selected Profile." 
  • If you make changes to your preferences, reset your preferences to JMP defaults, or for whatever reason stray from your "Standard" preferences, you can set all preferences back to the "Standard" profile by selecting the profile, then clicking "Apply Selected Profile." 
  • If you wish to share your "Standard" profile, select the profile, open the Manage outline box, then Import/Export, and click "Export Selected Profile." This will generate a .jsl script that when opened will set JMP to your "Standard" preferences. This .jsl file does not need the Add-In to be installed to operate and can be shared with anyone using JMP. Note: when sharing preferences from a mac to windows, or windows to mac, font preferences are not retained well. By default, font preferences are not saved, but this option can be enabled under Manage > Settings. 


Using Multiple Profiles

Often it's useful to maintain more than one profile. For instance, if you sometimes run JMP in front of a classroom and want particular settings for that situation, preferences that are different from your day-to-day analysis settings. Or, perhaps when running certain kinds of analyses you prefer verbose output, but want to switch back to your normal preferences after finishing that work. This is where storing multiple profiles is useful.


To save a new profile, make the desired changes to your JMP preferences (File > Preferences or JMP > Preferences on a mac), then open the Preferences Manager, and select "Save Current Preferences." Give a new name for this profile, and click OK. You will now have another profile and can switch between profiles when you wish to envoke those new settings. To enable a profile, simply select the profile in the Preferences Manager, and click "Apply Selected Profile."


Additional Options and Functions 

If you wish to share more than one profile, or back up all your profiles, you can open the folder containing all your profile by selecting "Open Profiles Folder" under Manage > Import/Export.  The profiles are stored as .jsl files, and can be shared directly with others, whether or not they have this Add-In installed. To add many profiles to the Preferences Manager at once, copy profiles saved by this Add-In to this folder, and then click "Rescan Preferences Folder" to populate the Preferences Manager with the new profiles. To import a single profile, you can also click "Import Profile File." under Manage > Import/Export. 


Having moved between different companies and between Macs/PCs this will save me a lot of time from reconfiguring things!

Very useful.


Kind regards,



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