Welcome to the JSL Cookbook. In it you'll find tasty and delightful recipes using the extraordinary ingredients available from the JMP Scripting Language. It's organized into four sections based on general concepts. We've tried to put each recipe into their most appropriate section. That said, a recipe may borrow concepts from other areas. It's a living document and we'll be adding new material on a consistent basis. It was made for you, the JSL scripter. We value your input. If you'd like to contribute, have questions or comments, head over to the JSL Cookbook Blog to share your thoughts and keep up to date. Let us know what you like, what needs to be changed, and what material would be of benefit.

Appetizers: Foundational Tools in JSL

Start here to learn the basic JSL tools. Recipes use the Script Editor, Enhanced Log/Action Recorder, JSL Debugger and Scripting index.

Main Courses: Working with JMP objects

Objects are the main building blocks in JMP. Explore the fundamentals of using Data Tables, Reports, Platforms, Journals, and graphs for your creations. And, some recipes included here can help you get your data into and out of JMP.

Side Dishes: Programming Structures in JSL

Like true side dishes, these recipes focus on the components of JSL that complement the main courses. This section covers data structures, control flow and scoping. Sides can stand alone as a complete meal, so these recipes can work on their own.

Desserts: Complementary and Advanced Topics

Use this section to take full advantage of JSL and complete the meal! Recipes use the Application Builder, external connectivity, advanced input/output (including OS and Run Program), advanced graphics, modularization (Include, Function and classes), advanced scoping, text processing and expression handling.