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Aug 27, 2015

Get IP Address Locations

This add-in can quickly grab coordinates of an IP address along with other geographical information and put it into a JMP data table.

It uses a GeoLite2 database hosted at You can take a column from a JMP table of IP Addresses and get another table with several peices of information about the IP Adresses location, including Logitude and Latitude. Currently, this only seems to work for IPv4 addresses. Also, the service will limit you to 10,000 requests per hour.

This add-in is only available in JMP 13 since I am utilizing the new JSON JSL functions that were introduced in JMP 13. This add-in works on JMP 12 and higher using Xan Gregg and Craige Hales' JSON parsing functions in JMP 12 and using built-in JSON parsing functions starting with JMP 13.  

Below is a screenshot of the add-in after being launched from the add-ins menu. Select the appropriate table and the column that contains your IPv4 adresses. Click the Go button to create a new table with geolocation information.

Get IP Address Locations Add-inGet IP Address Locations Add-in

 After clicking Go, you will get a table similar to the screenshot below. These IP addresses listed below were randomly generated.


Geolocation Output TableGeolocation Output TableYou can either use the Tables > Join or the new Virtual Join feature in JMP 13 to join your data together to plot. Below is a quick graph that I put together based on the data table above using Graph Builder and US State outlines.

Graph Builder MapGraph Builder Map

EDIT 07FEB17: Added support for JMP 12 using Xan and Craige's JSON parsing functions.

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