Interactive Teaching Modules

    The 10 teaching modules, available individually on the file exchange as scripts, packaged into a single add-in. Ideal for teaching core statistical concepts: sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing for means and proportions, plus probability distributions, regression, and t-Test and ANOVA.


    Note:  In JMP 12 these modules are available in the Sample Scripts directory (go to Help > Sample Data, then under Examples for Teaching > Teaching Scripts).  In JMP 12 Student Edition (out in July) the modules are under Help > Teaching Demos).


    To access scripts for the individual modules, along with additional information and videos describing how to use the modules, use the links below:


    Distribution Generator

    Sampling Distribution of Sample Proportions

    Sampling Distribution of Sample Means

    Confidence Interval for Population Proportion

    Confidence Interval for Population Mean

    Hypothesis Test for Population Proportion

    Hypothesis Test for the Population Mean

    Distribution Calculator

    Demonstrate ANOVA

    Demonstrate Regression


    For use notes for any particular module, use the Help button within the module.


    Suggestions? Comments? Please reach out to JMP Academic's mia.stephens Thanks!