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Is JMP Technical Support for you?

Hopefully, we can all agree that JMP software offers tons of analytical and graphical platforms that help solve problems every day. Did you know that along with the software itself, technical support services are also available? Technical support is available to all annually licensed customers of JMP products, including JMP, JMP Pro, JMP ClinicalJMP Genomics and the JMP Graph Builder for iPad app. Support is also available for one year to our single-user, shrink-wrap users. 

Get help from a (really nice) person

In 2016, more than 17,000 questions/issues (tracks, as we call them) were opened with JMP technical support, and the median time to resolution was less than 15 hours. We have JMP representatives around the world to assist our customers.


(Most of the) JMP Technical Support Team in the SAS Cary headquarters(Most of the) JMP Technical Support Team in the SAS Cary headquarters

Check the Knowledge Base

Along with tech support interactions with individuals, we also maintain a Knowledge Base of JMP Notes & FAQs to address common questions and/or problems associated with the software. The notes offer pointers and best practices for installing and using JMP. You will find descriptions of common user errors, undocumented features, circumventions and fixes for problems in these notes. Also, our FAQs contain helpful hints to consider as you navigate through the many JMP platforms. 

Software help – yes! Statistical consulting – no, sorry!

Find details on what JMP tech support provides in Technical Support Services. This reference defines our support services and gives a summary of our support levels. In general, if you have a specific model or methodology in mind, JMP technical support can identify for you if our software will do what you want and guide you on how it can be done.


We cannot, however, provide statistical consulting such as giving specific advice on how to carry out an analysis based on a description of the data. If you want someone to work with you and recommend a course of action, JMP does have mentoring services available for a fee. These mentors have the time to look very closely at your analytical needs and suggest one or more courses of action.

How to contact technical support

There are several ways to reach JMP tech support. You can contact us by phone, email, via a web submission – and from within the software itself. When calling, you will always be connected to a real person – no automated phone trees in our technical support! All of the details are found on our Support page. Technical support resources are all around the world, so we can assist you in your local time zone. 

Origination of technical support tracks around the world in 2016.Origination of technical support tracks around the world in 2016.

When you reach out to us, be sure to help us to help you! Provide your JMP Site ID or serial number, the version of JMP you are running, and your operating system. Also, give us the details of your question or problem. Including data tables and scripts that demonstrate your concern is incredibly helpful. With more information, we can investigate and address your issues quickly and more efficiently.

Check the status of your issue

Also, when you open a track with us, you can always check its status by going here and selecting “Check the status of a Track.”


JMP Technical Support is here to help you get the most out of your JMP product. So the answer to the question in my title is very likely, “Yes! JMP Technical Support is for you!” We look forward to working with you.

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