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Column Switchers in JMP Live

The Column Switcher in JMP lets you quickly analyze different variables without having to recreate your analysis. When a variable is changed with the Column Switcher, the analyses are recomputed with the new variable.



JMP Live uses Interactive HTML to make JMP reports run interactively in a web browser for users who don’t have JMP.  Interactive HTML provides several of the interactive capabilities in JMP, but it does not provide the ability to recalculate platforms. JMP Live enables this capability on the web by providing a mechanism for Interactive HTML reports to communicate with JMP running within JMP Live.

Below is a JMP Live Column Switcher hosted on JMP Public and embedded in the blog post so you can interact with it without having to go to JMP Public. If you do want to see it on JMP Public, this is the link

Using Column Switchers on web pages can be very practical because they allow you to present many variables in the same space. When publishing content to the internet, conserving screen space may be important because your audience may be viewing the report on devices with smaller screens.

You could publish multiple reports instead, but if you want your audience to be able to change multiple variables in your report, the number of reports you would need to publish to cover every combination might be overwhelming. Many JMP platforms use multiple variables. For example, Graph Builder and Bubble Plot support variables for X, Y, color, size, and more.

Here’s a Graph Builder example using two column switchers:

Notice how the term “Column Switcher” was replaced with “Choose Y” and “Choose X” to provide the audience with some context.

Because the column switching is being accomplished by JMP and not Interactive HTML itself, we can even switch variables in reports not yet supported by Interactive HTML!

If you expect your audience to have a wide screen, you can use two Column Switchers in a way that helps them compare variables side by side. Click on the animated gif image to explore this in a separate window.


Column Switchers can be combined with a local data filter to make a powerful visualization. Here’s an example using the Food Journal sample data. I’ve added a Day column to make it easier to pick a specific day to focus on.

Need to change a variable in more than one role? No problem. The Column Switcher applied to this bubble plot changes both size and color role:

So, go ahead and start publishing to JMP Live with Column Switchers. They provide concise ways to explore the effects of many variables in one web page.

You can visit my Column Switcher gallery for more inspiration.