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Textbook Add-In: Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers

This add-in provides a journal containing all of the data sets provided in the textbook, along with links to other useful tools and resources for learning and using JMP.

Additional information and resources for the textbook can be found at the Wiley textbook page.

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Add-in notes:  To install the add-in, open the file in JMP and tell JMP to install it.  In the Add-ins menu (which will be new if you don't have any other add-ins installed), there will be menu item that will open the journal. The add-in installs the journal, along with supporting data sets and scripts, locally on your machine. Everything is accessible via the journal. There are many teaching and learning tools under the JMP Scripts and Tools outline.

There are two important notes in the read me section:

  1. Check the modeling types to make sure they are correct (Nominal, Ordinal, or Continuous)
  2. In some cases you may need to stack data to perform the correct analysis (for example, two-sample t-tests and ANOVA require the data to be stacked).

When you close the journal, or any associated data set, we recommend that you do not save changes unless you've intentionally changed something (like a data type).

Developed by the JMP Academic team for classroom use. Suggestions or feedback, or find any problems with the add-in? Let us know at  mia.stephens or aspancake.

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