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Spectris: Graphical spectral data processing


This add-in provides a needed bridge between the capabilities of the Nonlinear/Fit Curve platforms and Functional Data Explorer.  It is designed to handle common spectroscopic tasks like background subtraction, automatic peak searches, curve refinement, and empirical Area Under the Curve calculations.  These tasks are all done through point and click interface.  The add-in also provides a library of peak shapes common to spectroscopic applications, but not included in JMP.





Spectris Analyzer

JMP Version: JMP Pro 17

Operating System: Windows or MacOS


Spectris Quick AUC

JMP Version: JMP 17

Operating System: Windows or MacOS


Hi Mike,

This looks like a really useful add-in. Is it not supported by JMP 17? I.e. Is the pro version required?
I just wanted to make sure it wasn't working because of my version not an install issue.

Thank you.

@Kast Spectral data analyis requires JMP Pro as @MikeD_Anderson put in the description. 

Hi, @Kast!


The add-in currently expects JMP 17 Pro.  There is also a little bug that I just ran into that makes the tool expect the Y, Response variable to have the name "Counts."  If you run into that issue just rename your response column to be "Counts" and it will work fine on JMP 17 Pro.  I'll be pushing out a bug fix along with some additional enhancements in the coming weeks. 






i just noticed that the addin generates ~ 100 variables in the global Namespace.



@hogi - Yep - those are the parameters for the Spectris Function Library - a side effect of the way the custom function library is set up.  Should be going away once 18 is out (assuming things still look like they do in the EA).

@Kast - just an update since you asked about this I've made the empirical AUC calculation tool in Spectris available in base JMP.