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Tiny Traps in Jmp and JSL

In Jmp and JSL there are some tiny traps which can be annoying.


One remedy is to know where such traps are hidden - so, let's create a map!
- and stay away from the dangerous corners.


this post focuses on tiny issues. Many of them are "higher order" - meaning they only show up when several features are combined.
NB: There is a related community post with the "big" pitfals:
Caution: Places where Jmp does something unexpected 

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Topic:additional info
Graph Builder and Reports
Graph Builder + multiple response + multiple histograms 

actually, not just an issue with histograms ...
Graph builder Frame size JSL TS-00076249
In Jmp it is not as easy as in Excel to overlay plots
with different X/Y axes /from different data tables

current data table() << subset(1,Private(0));

opens the subset table in Private mode - despite the Private(0)


Private yes/no? 


Find - or not find? 
did you know that Ctrl + F doesn't work in almost 50% of the cases?
100% workaround: works without (column /) row selection
to import csv files with point and comma as decimal separator,
one has to change the Jmp Preferences (!)
Make decimal separator an option 

formula column with contains doesn't get updated

Differentiate between entire column and current row 

what's the reason behind this issue?

When a column data type is changed, e.g. from character to numeric,
non matching entries get lost

Retain data when column data type is changed
Text to Columns differs from Text to Columns in MS Excel:
groups of separators are treated as a single one -> empty data leads to shifted data.

actually, it's a feature - but good to know:
Cols utilities: how to let &lt;text to columns&gt; take care of empty data?

 2 (tiny) issues with grouped columns TS-00035674
Data Filters 
A Data Filter can only contain values which are in the current data set. 
-> issue for Outlier (👽) screening with Jmp Dashboards - how?

Local Data Filter: option: restrict or do not restrict to current data

A data filter doesn't get updated when the column name or data type is changedTS-00053718
A data filter ignores all changes of the data table if "conditional" is usedTS-00049919 
Graph Builder + Local Data filter + Multiple Response:adjust the axes to the filtered dataTS-00044559
After triggering operations from the Tables menu via JSL, Jmp continues with the code already before the table values are available.
-> add wait() (?) or dt << run formulas()
Why is there an empty table if you don't add wait()? 
Most of the Platforms of the Tables menu produce their output by ignoring hiddenexcluded rowstates. exception: Tables/summary

Handling Hidden / Excluded rows / columns in Table-handling
up to now every Jmp user had to learn about this trap door "the hard way" - future Jmp users could be warned (automatically by Jmp

Tables/Update: speed issue TS-00053519
catch "missing column" error and provide a selection menu  
JMP Expr() weirdness, can anyone explain? 
Why does a user need a trick to insert an expression into the same kind of expression?
When column names are changed, table scrips get updated automatically (so cool!!!) - but other scrip...

catch "missing column" error and provide a selection menu


reference gets lost even if  data table doesn't get closed TS-00076052
By default, the first >full<  Week of Year(...)  is #2
- and in 2023, the last one was #54
Informat("day.month.year") ► Informat("")
for day ≤ 13
The Doctor Cures  Your Date and Time Import Problems :
use the AddIn or Informat with Format Pattern option!
Application Builder 
application builder: dangerous if data table is closed  
Jmp in general 
Do you use the preferences? TS-00043014
MS Teams and Sharepoint prevent interactive HTML pages from executing the scripts.

Interactive HTML - catch problems 

PickFile(), Projects and Network Drives 



old traps *):

Graph Builderfixed in Jmp
How to show the actual range in the level values in Graph Builder?v17.2
How to apply changed properties to the Report? v18
Graph Builder: reverse scale v18
Local Data filter + Animation - how to specify the range? v18
Heatmap: color for Missing Values? v18
Multi File import: add a fast mode v18
get rows where: speed issue v18
Color setting for highlighted text in Tabulate v17


*) the second list is there to show that even for tiny traps Jmp dev team does a great job to remove them. 
Unfortunately, the list is far from complete ... @ Jmp Support, could you help ?

Level XI

Re: Tiny Traps in Jmp and JSL

Actually, I think a community post is not the right place to do this, but it's a place to start.
If we keep it slim: just links to other community posts, I will try to add such links to the list on top.


Maybe we need something more professional than a community post with links?

- option to discuss individual topics (for now, please do this in the linked post)

- option to sort and restrict the list (e.g. select just Table issues > Jmp v17.1)
- possibility for more / (all ?) user to edit the list

Super User

Re: Tiny Traps in Jmp and JSL

I think it is still good to have someone summarize/recap the discussion (that's how I learn of certain things that may not be an interest now but can be useful for future projects).

So I have to thank your effort here.

Re: Tiny Traps in Jmp and JSL

Great work, Holger @hogi