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May 21, 2014

Win a set of statistics mugs

Set of four JMP statistics mugs

The International Year of Statistics is nearly at an end. All year long, we've been celebrating statisticians. We've also been giving out sets of coffee/tea mugs with cute statistical puns.

Now it's time to bring these two things together.

The first 10 readers who leave a comment saying which of the 12 statisticians we celebrated here at the JMP Blog is their favorite is eligible to win a set of these four mugs. You must select one of the 12 statisticians we profiled during the year.

Please note: The contest is open only to commenters residing in the United States, and you must include your email address when leaving your comment (so that we can contact you to get your mailing address). Only one set of mugs per commenter. (Contest is not open to SAS employees.)

These mugs are not likely to arrive in time to leave some hot cocoa or coffee for Santa, so don't count on that :)

Good luck!

UPDATE: 1:22 pm ET -- The contest is now closed. We have our 10 winners. Thanks for playing, and congrats to all the winners!

Two JMP mugs

A single JMP mug

two JMP mugs

Community Member

Sam Gardner wrote:


Community Member

Jay Lee wrote:

John Tukey is my favorite. Renaissance man!

Community Member

Corey Sparks wrote:

Most certainly Thomas Bayes

Community Member

Gina Panagakos wrote:


Community Member

Matthew S wrote:

W Edwards Deming.

Community Member

Brad S wrote:

John W. Tukey

Community Member

Bridget B wrote:


Community Member

Gwen wrote:

Gertrude Cox

Community Member

Gavy Bachher wrote:

Karl Pearson

Community Member

Stefan Keydel wrote:


Community Member

Li He wrote:

John Tukey

Community Member

Amy M wrote:

Pearson's just in case you have extra mugs handy. :)

Arati Mejdal wrote:

You are our 10th winner, Stefan! Congrats to you and the others who commented before you!

Arati Mejdal wrote:

Thanks for playing, but we've got 10 winners already. Thanks for reading our blog.

Arati Mejdal wrote:

Thanks, Amy. If any winners don't give their mailing address, I'll be in touch to get yours. Thanks for playing, and for reading the JMP Blog.

Community Member

Scott K wrote:

I know that you reached your 10, but I'll post anyway. My favorite of the statisticians featured on the JMP blog was Tukey. :)

Arati Mejdal wrote:

Thanks for posting, Scott! Tukey was a very popular one.

Community Member

Gordon wrote:

Hey love the mugs. I'm sad I missed out on the competition.

Are they for sale anywhere?

Arati Mejdal wrote:

I'm afraid not :(

We created a limited run of the mugs to give away to customers. They are all gone!

Community Member

Beimar Iriarte wrote:

Pearson is the best.

Extra mugs please!

Thank you

Arati Mejdal wrote:

Thanks for your comment, but we have no more mugs. They are all gone!

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