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scripting help - Multivariate

Hi, I'm having trouble scripting the "make data table" feature in multivariate analysis. It can be done manually by right clicking on the matrix box that the multivariate feature creates. However, I cannot script it. Here is my current script:

Estimation Method( "Pairwise" ),
Scatterplot Matrix( 0 )

"cols" it just a list of columns that I am evaluating.

I know that my script should say:

"??<< make into data table"

However, I don't know what to put in for the "??"


Re: scripting help - Multivariate

You just need to make an assignment so that a variable acts as a reference to the multivariate object and then send the message to that variable:

mv = Multivariate( ... )
mv << Make Into Data Table;
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