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Oct 23, 2017

JMP list filter not functioning after redo-analysis

Hi there, I'm encountering quite frequent list filter not functioning after i redo-analysis on the graph builder (or i copy script to script window and run from there), details as below. Any JMPer's have encountered similar prolbems and successfully resoved it? It seems like a come-n-go problem, not every time is hit. It's just annoying when it's not working, like 30-50% of the time.

Thanks a lot in advance.


On first graph builder where it's functional:



After i redo analysis to duplicate the graph builder, the filter for the column list no longer responds (my table has a total of 864 columns)



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Sep 30, 2016

Re: JMP list filter not functioning after redo-analysis

I witnessed this behavior a couple times in JMP 13.0 - 13.1 but have not been able to recreate it.  Restarting JMP and running the same script fixed the problem.