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How do I set maximum and minimum responses?


Community Member


Sep 21, 2017

Hi Folks,


Relatively new user of JMP here, so please treat me kindly!


I've just carried-out a DSD and one response has an absolute maximum which it can not go over and another response an absolute minimum, zero (0).  At the moment I have carried-out analysis and JMP is suggesting negative outcomes for the response that can not go below zero. 


Is there a simple way I can tell JMP that there is an absolutel maximum or minimum for a response and then that is used in the analysis and predictions?






Community Trekker


Jun 5, 2014

Hi, Graham!


I think you will find that kindness is one of the many desirable qualities of the JMP User Community. :-)


There are, indeed, several simple ways to constrain a column to maximums and minimum using conditional IF-THEN formulae or recoding the response.  But doing that after the fact on your values predicted by the Taylor Series expansion analysis of your experiment is probably inappropriate and incorrect.  Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.


JMP kindly provides several options for experimenting with constrained or nonlinear responses.


Good luck