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DOE with different level


I'm new to JMP and I am hoping that someone here can help me with this question about DOE.

I created a screening design with a two-level factor. But one of these factors are complicated to stabilize. I had lots of differents levels for the factor.

I enter the real level in my design table and I run the model script (screening).

In scaled estimates, nearest the factor (term) , there are levels I wanted. My question is :Estimation are determined with real levels or levels I wanted?

Sorry for my english.

Thank you.


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Jul 13, 2011

DOE with different level

In general Fit Model with perform the scales estimates based on the range of the data.  However, when the data originates from a DOE, the scaling is determined by the range specified in the CODING column property (presuming you are talking about a continuous factor).  Double-click on the column and you should see this property together with the "design role" and "factor changes" property.  The coding property defines a low and high range of the data for scaling purposes.  You could either modify these values to reflect the actual range of your real data, or just delete the property, in which case the scaled estimates will be based on the actual data



Re: DOE with different level

Thank you for your answer!