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Cntrl Q in JMP 11

I was just moved to JMP 11.  Ctrl Q to shut down does not work for me.  Also, if I go to the menu and pick "Exit JMP" it asks if I want to save files, with options "Save Individually" or "Save None".  I pick "Save None" and it still goes through each file and asks if I want to save it.  Has anyone else seen this?  Is there an option I can pick in set-up to let me just do a quick exit instead of going through each file one at a time?  I took a quick tour through the preferences menu but didn't find anything that looked promising.


Re: Cntrl Q in JMP 11

Hi Valerie,

As I recall, this was a bug in JMP11 that was addressed in a maintenance release.  What version of JMP11 are you running?  Also, you might consider updating further to run JMP12, which shouldn't have this issue.



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Re: Cntrl Q in JMP 11

And, in the meantime, you could try this script:

        Close All( Data Tables, NoSave );

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