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You’ve Got to See the CoVE!

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think the same could be said for simulation.

Imagine a room built to simulate your data in a visual way – despite the reality that you have massive amounts of often-complicated data full of twists and turns. And consider that the simulation empowers you, your colleagues and your partners to make the best-informed decisions about some of the world’s most complicated projects.

I bet you’d feel flattered. I know we do.

A few years back, we visited the CoVE at Georgia Tech for the first time. (CoVE stands for Collaborative Visualization Environment.) There we watched the team of aerospace engineers put JMP through its paces and, as a grad student described it, we saw the data in three-dimensional cubes start “break dancing” as the parametric slide bars were moved. And we saw all of this on a 10-foot tall by 18-foot wide multimedia wall made out of 12 screens.

Why in the world did Georgia Tech build such a special room to showcase JMP? Says Dr. Dimitri Mavris, Director of the Aerospace Systems Design Lab, "We wanted to create an entity like no other." And that he did. "It creates a mosaic of information…a place to showcase all of this data," Dr. Mavris says.

In the CoVE, walls are broken down between business, government and academia. There, leaders work together to create the next generation of sophisticated engineering designs, and JMP is a part of that process. How appropriate, then, is it that the next version of JMP software will be launched from the CoVE?!?

Come experience it yourself on Dec. 4! There are still a few spots for JMP customers to join us in the CoVE for the launch event. Can’t make it? Then you can enjoy the virtual experience from your own computer. Either way, register now and receive a limited-edition JMP 8 launch T-shirt. Hope to see you there!

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