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Sudoku and JMP: a holiday gift for you

If you enjoy Sudoku, you will like this holiday gift for JMP users from my colleague David Rose of SAS UK. It’s a JSL (JMP Scripting Language) script to create, edit, store, load and solve classic (9x9) Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku solver script for JMP

Here's what David said about the Sudoku Solver script:

"An interactive board is supplied into which the user can enter puzzles manually and/or import and modify examples from an archive, and then instruct the program to solve them. Solutions to most brainteaser-level problems are usually delivered within two seconds, whereas problems requiring a substantial degree of speculation can take anything up to about a minute.

The 'Golden Nugget' problem (included in the archive), which I’ve seen described on the Internet as one of the most difficult configurations devised to date, takes about 75 seconds on my laptop. While the solver is running, the user can track its progress on a 'graphic equalizer'-style display, which shows the changing level of any speculative recursion that it’s currently performing, together with values of the cells being explored in real time, making it quite entertaining to watch. The user has the capability to modify some of the parameters governing the performance of the algorithm, and the board can be copied to the clipboard at any time."

The solver runs in JMP 8 and JMP 9. Download the free Sudoku Solver from the JMP File Exchange in the “Demos and Teaching Tools” section. You'll need a free SAS login for the download.

If you don't have JMP but want to try the Sudoku Solver, you can download a free 30-day trial of JMP 9.

Happy holidays from the JMP and SAS teams in the UK!

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Stefan Keydel wrote:

These are some nice improvements! What are the chances that we'll see the ability to export Bubble Charts to some format other than Flash? How about HTML 5? The Flash format is a major barrier to easy sharing of these interactive graphics on platforms other than Windows (and even on Windows, it's a bit unwieldy).