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Jul 2, 2014

Reach for the Summit

We’re asking a lot. We’re asking you to take time away from the office, to put on your visionary hat and to participate in the third annual Innovators’ Summit.

We’re asking you to ask the hard questions about the state of analytics in commercial, governmental and academic organizations. We’re asking you to picture a tomorrow where analytic excellence is the rule rather than the exception.

Is that really too much to ask -- or are you up to the challenge? Ask yourself these questions. Do you …

• Want to hear Stephen Baker’s tales of The Numerati and how they’re predicting and transforming human behavior?

• Wish to study the economics of innovation under the guidance of MIT’s Michael Schrage?

• Wear the hat of “analytic champion” within your company, university or government agency, working to expand pockets of statistical expertise?

• Seek to further deepen your understanding of the power of analytics?

• Yearn to see predictive analytics in the hands of people who make the big decisions?

• Enjoy brainstorming and benchmarking with masters of innovation from institutions large and small?

• Need to enhance your organization’s products and processes, taking quality to a whole new level?

• Are ready to dispel the notion that quality and innovation don’t go hand-in-hand?

• Know economic recovery requires better statistical analysis?

• Hear opportunity knocking. This is your chance to learn from Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers, Blink and The Tipping Point?

Say yes! Then register for the Innovators’ Summit.

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