Our World Statistics Day conversations have been a great reminder of how much statistics can inform our lives. Do you have an example of how statistics has made a difference in your life? Share your story with the Community!
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Overheard at the Innovators’ Summit

“Using JMP, our company saved $6 million in the first six months of this year. Even for a company that brings in $100 million a month, that’s a lot of money.”

– Oil industry representative at Sunday night Welcome Dinner

“The ultimate purpose of collecting data is to provide a basis for action or a recommendation for action.”

– Stu Hunter, PhD, Princeton University, at the Monday morning plenary session.

“People don’t like talking to statisticians. People ask me why I went into statistics. It’s because I don’t have the charisma to be an accountant.”

– Chris Nachstheim, PhD, University of Minnesota, Monday morning plenary session.

“Innovation is not what innovators do. Innovation is what customers adopt.”

– Michael Schrage, MIT, Monday morning plenary session.

“The speakers are like flowers, and we’re like bees.”

– An attendee from a major consumer products company referring to the value of interaction at the conference.

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