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Music library visualizations

This weekend while I was importing some new music on my computer, I found myself manually searching through my Apple® iTunes library to figure out which artists were represented most heavily in my music collection. During this process, it occurred to me that a visual in JMP might be a nice way to summarize my music catalog.

It was an easy task to right-click on the music list provided in the iTunes interface and then save the information to a JMP table. After I did that, the first visual I created was a Pareto plot to see the artists by count of songs (see below).

Well, it appears that Bob Dylan was most heavily represented, followed by Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison and Neil Young. Of course, Frank Sinatra had a nice showing as well, which comes in quite handy whenever my Mom and Dad come to visit, since they prefer Ol’ Blue eyes to Bob.

The second visual that I found useful was a Tree Map view I made using Graph Builder (below). It shows quite clearly the portion of the library by artist in a concise contextual visual -- and makes it easier to find particular artists because the shapes are arranged alphabetically. The Tree Map shapes are sized by the number of songs by each artist.

I also calculated the data with respect to the total duration of the songs and plotted that against the total number of songs (below). This visualization highlights the shorter song length of the Beatles and Ol’ Blue Eyes versus the other artists.

That was a quick and helpful way to summarize my library of 6,994 songs representing 22 days of music. Now back to transferring some additional music.

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Bruce Janda wrote:

Thanks for great post showing fun with JMP with simple but effective tutorial for data exploration.


Lou V wrote:

Bruce, Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.


Stanley Fogleman wrote:

I remember that Frank Sinatra said that "Something" was the best thing that Lennon and McCartney ever wrote! (Too bad it was written by George Harrison!) Great graphs, interesting post.


John Ponte wrote:

What? No Jean-Luc Ponty?

I like your variety in music - from Sinatra to Zeppelin. Do you have "genre" for each song? It would be interesting to see a two-level Treemap. Set genre as the category and artist as the sub-category.

Staff (Retired)

Louis Valente wrote:


I have not completed all of my importing so I better get my Jean-Luc Ponte represented! Great idea on the two-level Treemap.


Chuck wrote:

I cannot seem to find Rick Astley in your list. :-)


Michael Hecht wrote:

I'm shocked that Dylan beat out The Boss! Great visuals!


Lou V wrote:


Oh my goodness that one must have slipped through the cracks:)