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Eye Candy for Analysts

May 12 is becoming the annual event for data visualisation, with world-renowned visualisation guru Stephen Few presenting in London on that day for the second year running. It was perfect timing for him to visit the UK, the home of David McCandless, following Stephen's recent blog post that has rocked the world of information graphics.

Author of such leading visualisation books such as Show Me the Numbers and Now You See It, Stephen presented a message on May 12 that was music to my ears: In this world of increasingly complex data, keep your visuals simple and accurate if you want to get your point across.

JMP had a simple set of messages that expanded on Stephen’s theme:

  • JMP allows you to easily see patterns in your data.
  • As your data size and complexity grow, you can bring in JMP’s analytics to make this manageable (and even extend it to predictive modelling with JMP Pro).
  • If you want to explain your data to clients or executives, use JMP to help you tell the story.

  • This last point is a particularly interesting one. Much of JMP’s history has been about using the software to discover (see Discovery Summit for evidence); what we neglected to mention was that it is one thing to discover insights, and it is another to uncover them to the world in a way that meets the high expectations of the digital-content audience. One analyst in a marketing communications company said to me, “The designers in our company treat us as second-class citizens; it’s cool to have a tool that makes them go ‘wow’ when I show something!” So there you have it: JMP is “eye candy for analysts”!

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