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Finding Second Greatest Value (Maximum)

Using JMP7 on a Mac.

Have a large data set and I need to create a column with the highest value across all columns. This is easy enough using Maximum(Column1,Column2,...)

But I also need to create a column with the 2nd highest (and another with the 3rd highest) value. Is there a way to manipulate the Maximum command (subscript maybe) to do this?

EDIT - found a workaround using Excel. =Large(A1:A26,2) for second highest value. =Large(A1:A26,3) for third highest value. Etc.

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Jun 23, 2011

Re: Finding Second Greatest Value (Maximum)

Fastest way:

3/5 is really K/(N+1) where you want the Kth item from the bottom out of N.

Easier to remember way (for me at least):