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Jun 25, 2018

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New JMP Certification tests your JSL skills

JMP_scripting_certification.pngAre you a JSL master? Take the JMP Certification exam on JSL.

Do you use JMP Scripting Language (JSL) in your job? Do you consider yourself to be a JSL master? If you want to test and show your skills using JSL, there's a new certification available. It's the new exam for JMP Scripting Language using JMP 14!

When you take the JMP certification exam, you access JMP to perform a variety of scripting and programming tasks using JSL.

Successful candidates are able to:

  • Utilize all JSL elements to design and build a script, end-to-end.
  • Identify required data sources and then import data from a variety of sources/platforms.
  • Clean and transform data.
  • Use messages, functions and expressions to create new data tables and columns, control analyses, and capture or modify reports.
  • Create and use dialog boxes to adapt the behavior of a script.
  • Create a custom report using New Window and display boxes.
  • Perform programming concepts: looping, error handling, namespaces, including other scripts, data structures, name resolution, conditional logic.
  • Build a script framework that allows for conducting the required analysis, reporting and visualization of data.

Complete information about this credential and exam is on the SAS US Certification website.

What questions do you have about this certification? Leave me a comment or question here. For general questions, you can email


Does the fact that it's the 'SAS US Certification' website mean that one has to reside in the US to take the exam, please?




No it does not.  The exam is available at Pearson VUE test centers globally and it is offered through SAS Country offices as well by request.  It is available globally now.  The information was pushed to the US website first and over the next two to three weeks the information will be added to all the other global websites. 

Hope this helps and good luck to you if you decide to challenge the exam.




Community Trekker

As the title is 'JMP Scripting Language using JMP 14' does this mean the certification is only valid if iwe use v14 and we'd need to re-sit when we get further versions?



Thank you for your question.  All of our certification credentials never expire once you have earned them.  With that being said, we do examine how a new software release will impact an exam.  When a new release comes out we work with subject matter experts to have them review our item banks to determine if the new release impacts questions from a technical perspective or if the new release impacts our questions in a way where they are no longer valid.  Depending on the outcome of that careful analysis, we make a determination if the exam needs to be refreshed and if the version number needs to be changed.  We then do some careful planning to make sure that we phase out the old exam in a thoughtful manner when we cut in the new exam.  As I mentioned our credentials never expire but we do update exams if we determine the impact of a new software release on our exam content is great enough to warrant a newly refreshed exam.  I hope this helps to clarify and answer your question.