It’s World Statistics Day! To honor the theme of the day, the JMP User Community is having conversations about the importance of trust in statistics and data. And we want to hear from you! Tell us the steps you take to ensure that your data is trustworthy.
We want to hear your ideas for improving JMP software

We consider several factors when looking for what ideas to add to JMP. This includes what will have the greatest benefit to our customers based on scope, needs and current resources. Product ideas help us decide what features to work on next. Additionally, we often look to ideas for inspiration on how to add value to developments already in our pipeline or enhancements to new or existing features. Here's how to participate:

  1. Search: Please search for an existing idea first before submitting a new idea.
  2. Submit: Post your new idea using the Suggest an Idea button. Please submit one actionable idea per post rather than a single post with multiple ideas.
  3. Kudo & Comment Kudo ideas you like, and comment to add to an idea.
  4. Subscribe: Follow the status of ideas you like. Refer to status definitions to understand where an idea is in its lifecycle. (You are automatically subscribed to ideas you've submitted or commented on.)
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