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Kill process without killing JMP

JMP does an amazing job of chugging along so even long analyses get done eventually (unless there are hardware limitations). However, sometimes these long processes are kicked off on accident or without realizing how long they will actually take.


I would like to suggest a way to kill the current process so the single thing I started stops, but I don't have to force close all of JMP and lose any other work I have going on. I know myself, and many colleagues, have done these things - from an accidental click to a botched while loop - so a way to save JMP from this 'killer process' would be greatly appreciated!

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hate to kill JMP completely when I run mixed models that take hours to run, often have unsaved work (table edits) that is then lost.

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It would be quite nice if JMP were multi-threaded with an exposed event loop and exposed signals/slots.  Probably won't happen any time soon though...

Yea this one is likely a tall order?  It would be really really nice though!  This must be happening to practically every seasoned JMP user.

The best way for me to not lose work is by saving a Session Script intermittently throughout my session: 


I then open and run the saved .JSL script after JMP crashes and viola! I'm back where I left off....

Otherwise the Autosave Timeout is supposedly a good option (File > Preferences > General; see below), but it doesn't really work for me even if I set it to some reasonably short interval such as 2 or 5 minutes.




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@PatrickGiuliano, it certainly is a tall order, but it would be so great


Saving the session script is a great idea though, I'll have to start doing that!

Status changed to: Investigating

@nathan-clark  - Thank you for this suggestion, it has been submitted and is being evaluated for possible inclusion in a future release.

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@Sarah-Sylvestre This is great news, thanks!

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Level XI




really the death sentence for all unsaved data tables?

No chance to stop it?

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Try pressing Esc

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the death sentence for all stuck JSL codes?