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Top Discussions of 2015 in JMP User Community

JMP_Discussions_topThe Discussions section of the JMP User Community is a busy place. But that isn't really a surprise because the User Community is the largest online gathering of JMP users worldwide.

I wanted to know what the most popular content in Discussions was this year, and Stan Koprowski, who is one of the User Community managers, ran some queries and found out for me.

Actually, he found out on two measures of popularity: most viewed and most liked. So I thought I'd share both lists with you. (You'll see some overlap between the two lists.) I'm hoping that at least some of the content on these lists will turn out to be helpful to you.

One of the things I found interesting as I looked at these particular Discussions was how much conversation the posts generated. For example, one post resulted in 20 follow-up questions and answers, and another had 17.

You'll notice that many of the posts on these lists have been marked "Answered" and some answers marked as "Helpful," which is great. However, many still have "Unanswered" status, although various answers have been provided. Feel free to add to the "Unanswered" posts and help close those out as "Answered."

Did your post make it on the lists? Or did you provide an answer to any of these?

Top 10 Most Liked Discussions in 2015

  1. What did you learn at Discovery Summit in San Diego?
  2. How to convert char to num
  3. Anyone know how to create divergent bar chart for Likert scale data?
  4. Control Chart & 3 Sigma
  5. How can modify the below 3 factors of 3 levels RSM script to 3 factors of 4 levels?
  6. Selecting cells with empty data
  7. Is there a way to automate/script the Winsor process of outlier filtering?
  8. Overlay Graphs
  9. How to convert character formats to date format
  10. (Four-way tie) Which Control Chart to use?
  11. Adding "Name contains" search bar to Column Dialog form in JSL

    DOE Vocabulary Clarification

    JMP formula to transfer format

    Top 10 Most Viewed Discussions in 2015

    1. Looking for talent for the JMP Scripting Forum at JMP Discovery 2015
    2. Control Chart & 3 Sigma
    3. Wafer map
    4. Heat map, rows grouping
    5. How to convert column value labels to values?
    6. Update on JMP Scripting Forum at Discovery 2015
    7. Creating a Cumulative Summary Column for different rows
    8. New User Welcome Kit Discussion
    9. Using JMP to compare slopes and intercepts of multiple linear fits
    10. Which Control Chart to use?
    11. Thanks for taking part, and I hope to see your posts and answers in the User Community next year!

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