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Seeing differently with Beau Lotto

36-lottoAfter a photo of “the Dress” went viral on the Internet this past February, JMP developer John Ponte wrote an entertaining and informative blog post, What color is The Dress? JMP can tell you!

We had shared this blog post with Beau Lotto, neuroscientist, human perception researcher, and Director of Change Lab at the University College London, before his keynote speech at our first European Discovery Summit this past March.

The Dress is still getting attention. The July/August issue of Scientific American Mind features the article Unraveling “The Dress”, in which a popular color perception example created by Beau Lotto and Dale Purves is shown to illustrate the importance of context in color perception. An interactive version of that image is available on lottolab.org.

While there is no mention of The Dress in Beau Lotto’s Discovery Summit plenary speech (until the Q&A), you can see and hear about his fascinating research on perception and innovation if you tune in to the July 15 Analytically Speaking webcast. As a result of watching his talk, perhaps you will:

  • See science as play and a way of being.
  • Welcome uncertainty (everything interesting begins with doubt).
  • Learn that innovation has two parts….
  • His talk is highly enjoyable for anyone who is fascinated by the workings of our brains (as I am). If you can’t catch the premier of this webcast, you can always view it from the archive once it's available there, usually by the following day.

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