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Jun 23, 2011

Predictive modelling captures imagination of analytical community in UK

We are holding a seminar on how to build better statistical models on Thursday 10 May, and the number of people who have registered is unprecedented. More than 100 people are planning to attend from a vast array of analytical functions, including banking and insurance, R&D and manufacturing, marketing and services.

So what has inspired them to come and listen to us for the day?

The attraction appears to be the coupling of a broad range of sophisticated predictive modelling techniques within a world-class visualisation environment, which allows them to explore, model and understand their data, so that they can learn quicker and make better decisions more easily using JMP Pro. Some of the techniques that we will be showing live are those that are most widely used for predictive modelling such as:

  • Decision trees
  • Random forests
  • Regression
  • Neural nets
  • Model boosting
  • "Hold back" validation
  • To find out more about the four scenarios that we will be showing on the day, you can visit seminar page.