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New contingency analysis add-in for JMP

A contingency analysis determines whether there is a relationship between two categorical variables. A caterer, for example, might be interested in knowing whether entrée selections at an event were related to gender, given the following data:


The contingency platform in JMP requires the X and Y variables to be contained in two columns, with the cell counts in a third:


With the “Contingency (Table Format)” add-in, developed especially for students and others who are new to JMP, you can launch a contingency analysis with data that is arranged in “crosstab” format, without having to stack the data first:


Simply specify the variables as shown here:


The add-in creates the contingency report and includes buttons that let you easily swap the rows and columns of the report if desired:


If the “Show New Table” option is selected, the add-in also generates a stacked table containing a script that will launch the platform in the standard manner:


This add-in, along with many others, is available on the JMP File Exchange. (A free SAS profile is needed for access.)

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