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New Version of JMP Available Now

The latest version of JMP software for Windows starts shipping today. (Macintosh and Linux versions will be available in April 2009.)

What's new in JMP 8? Let me share six crowd-pleasers.

(1) The Graph Builder is a show-stopper. It lets you explore and visualize data by dragging and dropping variables onto a graph. You get instantaneous results -- before you even release your mouse button -- as you construct graphs.

(2) The Choice platform also garners oohs and aahs. Using it, you can design and analyze choice studies. This means you can find out consumers' preferences by presenting them with pairs of choices and then determining which features consumers value the most.

(3) JMP 8 has more platforms for reliability analysis: Life Distribution, Fit Life By X and Competing Causes.

(4) Integration with SAS is even better. JMP 8 can connect to SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 9.2 and has a new SAS toolbar for quick access to SAS features.

(5) You can export the popular Bubble Plot and Profiler as Flash animations to use in your presentations or in Web pages. Your colleagues who don't have JMP can interact with these visualizations and explore their own questions.

(6) JMP 8 is world-ready. It can handle multiple currency types in a single data table and international character sets with ease.

Those are only six of the new features of JMP 8. Go to our JMP 8 page to get all of the details. Then you might want to try it free for 30 days or buy it.

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