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Jump Into JMP® Scripting - A Handbook

Want to automate JMP analyses that you perform routinely? Need a way to add a bit of customization to your JMP reports? Learn best from examples?

A new book, Jump Into JMP® Scripting, by Wendy Murphrey and Rosemary Lucas, two members of the JMP Technical Support team, will give you a good start.

Weighing in at about 200 pages (less than one-third the size of the JMP Scripting Guide), this book is for people who don’t know how to use JMP Scripting Language (JSL) and are not interested in heavy programming.

Part 1 of the book walks you through short tutorials to learn practical scripting basics. The first chapter (which you can download as a sample chapter) is aptly titled 'Make JMP Work for You'. It describes how to access and then make slight edits to the scripts JMP captures in the background as you point and click your way through analyses.

Part 2 teaches you to write 60 short scripts that answer some of the most common questions first-time scripter writers ask, such as, “How can I specify the order of an axis?” and “How can I populate a Combo Box based on a user selection of another Combo Box?”.

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wong Pow Logn wrote:

I want to buy this book... but ebay , amazon, they don't ship to malaysia.

any body can help me or contact me ... that will be highly appreciated.


Gail Massari wrote:

Yes, today the sample scripts for Chapters 5,6,7,8, 9 are available. Go to the book listing in the SAS bookstore:


On the left menu, follow the link to SAS Code used. The text gives the name of a file where the code is available.


Winfried Koch wrote:

If this book can be used as it is announced then it will be very valuable to me. I often need scripting but so far I was reluctant to start because I feared the traps of scripting details. Especially I hope that the example scripts will be posted for download so we do not need typing these in.