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Easy Way to Embed Flash into PowerPoint Using Freeware

While Lou Valente, Scott Wise and I were presenting the Lowering Costs Through Visual Analytics seminar at the SAS Austin campus recently, one of the attendees gave us a great hint. Fred Norton of Fred Norton LLC – a facility consulting firm – told us that there was an easy way to embed a JMP Flash file into a PowerPoint presentation.

Fred had discovered freeware from iSpring that can convert a PowerPoint file into a Flash file. This software also lets you easily embed Flash files into a PowerPoint file. I have found that saving the output as PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2003) works best. You don’t need to send the original file when sharing the slide show.

Here are some instructions:

1. In JMP, save your Profiler or Bubble Plot as Flash.

2. Download iSpring Free Flash converter from http://www.ispringsolutions.com/products/ispring_free.html.

3. Launch either iSpring or PowerPoint.

4. iSpring will show up as a PowerPoint add-in.

5. Make sure a blank slide is showing in PowerPoint or change layout as necessary.

6. Launch Insert Flash tab from iSpring and insert your Flash file.

7. Resize object and or create additional labeling.

8. Launch slide show to confirm.

9. Save file.

10. E-mail it to such people as your boss, co-worker or favorite client, telling them to launch the slide show so that they can tweak the inputs of the Profiler or see an animated time series with the Bubble Plot.

Fred also mentioned that he felt that saving the Profiler as a Flash file was a little confusing at first. So I thought I’d give a simple description for others who also found it confusing. From Fit Model, save the prediction formula to a column (this option is found under Save Columns under the top red triangle). In Neural Net, save the profile formula. Then select Profiler from the Graph pull-down menu and put that formula column into the Y box. No other variables are needed. The top red triangle in the resulting graph gives you the option to save as Flash. There is no need to create a companion HTML file.

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