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Scaling the part of the JMP journal but not all of it?

I am building the automatic report based on jmp journal saved to pdf and I would like the report layout to be as repetitive as possible.


It consists of 9 section (outline boxes). All boxes except for number 6 are of the same size from report to report. However, the size of box 6 varies depending on the number of categories experienced in the data. Ideally, I would like the entire report to take 3 pages. First page with sections 1-5, Second with sections 6-7 and third with sections 8-9. Because in section 6, I use a (nominal)distribution platform, with varying number of categories from report to report, it can in extreme cases take more than one page.


I would like a suggestion on how can I resize the object that ends up on Page 2 and only this one? I am aware of the ‘scale’ option under ‘Set page setup()’ but it affects all pages while I only need the content of Page 2 to get a special scale.


I have already changed the layout of the distribution from horizontal to vertical so that it does not end up on several pages width-wise. However, I would also like to use the CoulumnBoxes outputted under Frequencies (Level, Count, Prob) next to the graph and those can span more than one page vertically...


Any suggestions?

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