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SQL Warning Messages Cause JMP to Halt Query Execution

I am trying to execute an SQL query from a JMP script.  The query will run in Excel and other applications and return a table of data.  In JMP, the script calling the query halts execution when it receives the warning message: SQL0437W  Performance of this complex query might be sub-optimal.  Reason code: "3".  SQLSTATE=01602.  Is there a way to configure JMP to ignore SQL warning messages (which end in the letter "W") to allow the query to continue processing, and stop only on errors?  Thank you for your help.

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Re: SQL Warning Messages Cause JMP to Halt Query Execution

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to tell JMP to ignore SQL warnings and let the query happen.  This is something we may consider adding in a future release.  If you can provide enough information here without including proprietary data to help us reproduce the issue, that would help us.



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