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Omit or Delete Fit y by X OutlineBoxes?


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

I am trying to learn if it is possible to omit or delete specific outlineboxes that automatically exist when I have JSL code that fits y by x. In particular, I would like to not show the analysis of variance and parameter estimates outline boxes. Is this possible?
Ah yes, nice to get rid of all that pesky stats stuff :)

Lets say you have created a bivariate using Fit Y by X, generating code such as

Bivariate( blah blah blah )

assign it to a variable

biv = Bivariate( ... );

Get the associated report for the analysis object

rbiv = biv << report;

This contains the various outlines.

Delete the ones you dont want:

rbiv[ Outline Box(5) ] << Delete;

Note the square brackets - think of the report as a list of outlines.

Final thing - how to know which outline box to delete ..... right-click on the title area of the outline (e.g. Analysis of Variance), select Edit > Show Tree Structure ... it will show you the name of the object (in green) and the title of the object

Hope this helps

Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Thanks a ton. This was very helpful and informative. I had tried to delete the outline boxes directly from the variable I created, not the associated report. Likely a typical rookie mistake. Thanks again for your speedy and helpful reply!
As a rule .... the options available from the red triangle hot spot are applied directly to the analysis object. The options available by right-clicking on the graph or other parts of the report, are applied to the report object.

(There are some exceptions to the rule, whereby some report content can be accessed from not only the report but also the the analysis object, such as title and axes)