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JMP Wish List

We want to hear your ideas for improving JMP. Share them here.
We want to hear your ideas for improving JMP software

We know that you have many valuable ideas on potential new features, or enhancements to existing features. You can use this Wish List to share your ideas, and discuss how to improve JMP, with other users across the globe.

Here's how to participate:

  1. Search: Please search for an existing idea first before submitting a new idea.
  2. Kudo & Comment Kudo ideas you like, and comment to add to an idea.
  3. Subscribe: Follow the status of ideas you like. Refer to status definitions to understand where an idea is in its lifecycle. (You are automatically subscribed to ideas you've submitted or commented on.)
  4. Submit: Post your new idea using the Suggest an Idea button. Please submit one actionable idea per post rather than a single post with multiple ideas.

We can’t implement everything, so please include the following to help JMP Product Management evaluate your ideas for consideration:

  • What inspired this wish list request? Please describe the current issue that needs improvement or the problem to be solved that is not easy or possible right now, with an example use case.
  • What is the improvement you would like to see? Please describe the idea for improving JMP. Please include mock-ups, wireframes, screenshots, scripts, other documents or examples from other software that help describe the change you would like to see.
  • Why is this idea important? Please describe the value to you and/or other users if the idea is implemented (for example, ease of use, must have,…).
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