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Support script drag-and-drop between tables

What inspired this wish list request?  I often find myself with new data tables that are almost identical to old ones.  I need to pull the plotting scripts from the old tables into the new ones.


What is the improvement you would like to see?  When I drag a script from the top-left pane of a data table window to another window, it looks like it's accepting it, but then nothing happens.  I would like to be able to copy a bunch of scripts from one data table into another via drag-and-drop.


Why is this idea important?   The script drag-and-drop is an intuitive action that seems to work, and it's frustrating that it doesn't.


(JMP v17, Windows and Mac)


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Level XI

that' right - it's almost doing what the user expects and then: no script shows up in the list 


workaround: use copy & paste from the right click context menu. It also works if more scripts are selected


easter egg: copy the code of a script (i.e.: not the script) and click on paste in the right click menu.

This runs the script for the target table.

Also cool for Report/Save Script to Clipboard -> run it for another table