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What aspiring data analysts need to know

hildebrandWe have featured many academic thought leaders on our Analytically Speaking webcast series over the last three years. “Academic” may be a primary way to categorize these notable professors and researchers, but they are also often accomplished authors and consultants, giving them some very interesting perspectives on a wide variety of topics.

A few good reasons to tune in to see our next Analytically Speaking guest, Christian Hildebrand, post-doctoral research fellow and project leader at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, one of the Financial Times top-ranked business schools: Christian shares what it takes to prepare students for efficient and effective data analysis in the real world. He also talks about synergies with business and academic collaborations, the growing opportunities with social data, and more.

Because most of Christian’s research springs from real business problems and because he is passionate about engaging students with data and problem-solving skills as well as presentation skills, it’s no surprise that a wide variety of viewers are registering. These are the sorts of titles we typically attract to view Analytically Speaking webcasts.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.25.13 PM

(As we are in the midst of a blog series featuring new things in JMP 12, we wanted to highlight a few more. Creating this tree map with JMP 12 was greatly streamlined by the handy enhanced Recode feature, which developer James Preiss posted about recently. It’s also nice to now have the squarify option for tree maps in Graph Builder to order the areas by size to more easily see largest and smallest groups.)

Christian is a fan of experimenting in the classroom and in industrial settings as part of his research, but he may not always use the word, “experiment.” In this preview video below, you can hear him talk about why many managers think of “experiment” as a red flag. He suggests other terminology that managers may more readily accept. Christian was also kind enough to do a German-version preview video and webcast, which will air this summer.

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If you can’t tune in for the webcast premiere on Feb. 18, you can always catch the on-demand version, which usually posts the next day. And for those of you who want to hear it auf deutsch, please check the live and on-demand links on our German site.

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