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Watch JMP 10 speed up discovery March 20

JMP users worldwide will be gathering online next Tuesday to get a look at the latest version of the software. In five live one-hour webcasts on March 20, they will see why we have been saying that JMP 10 is a big release with lots of cool new capabilities, such as:

  • Many enhancements to Graph Builder, including a free Graph Builder iPad app.
  • A Control Chart Builder that lets you drag and drop to make process control charts.
  • Customizations and options for the Distribution platform.
  • Improvements for sorting and filtering data, experiment design, statistical modeling, add-in and application development, and JSL script debugging.
  • New reliability growth and forecast models.
  • Check out my colleague Dan Valente's post on 10 great things about JMP 10 for a fuller list of new features.

    Look for a blog post here by John Sall, chief architect of JMP, on March 20, and then join us for a live webcast later that day!

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