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There's Gold in That Data!

It’s Monday, and I’m back in my office, having spent most of last week in Las Vegas participating in our Voice of the Customer (VOC) seminar. I’m spending my morning debriefing – sharing insights with colleagues; writing up a trip summary; filling out my expense report. I can knock that stuff out quickly.

But for the marketing employees of the Vegas hotel at which I stayed, the work’s just beginning. They’ll use the data collected around this trip to tailor hotel packages and personalize offers.

Because I’m more granola than glitter and not much of a gambler, I don’t expect any special offers designed to lure me back to the expensive shops or to the slot machines anytime soon. A couple of my colleagues, though, enjoy time at the tables and consider Vegas a fun vacation spot. If I were a betting person, I’d put my money on the hotel figuring that out and sending appropriate offers to my colleagues. And, chances are, my friends will bite.

This is one area I’m comfortable betting on. Why? Because I just spent 1 ½ days at a seminar seeing how data visualization can guide the development of new products and services. Because we were in Vegas, some of the data we played with was real casino information that revealed real patron behavior. As a marketing person myself, I saw gold in that data. I saw which services drove which behaviors. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry or are a software manufacturer, that’s the kind of information you can act on. That’s priceless!

If you're interested in learning about VOC, you're in luck! We've got another free VOC seminar coming up, this time in Boston on July 30.

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