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The inspirational “MinuteLegend” Henry Reich

Think like a scientist, take inspiration from the world around us, enjoy learning new things, and share those learnings effectively are some of the key takeaways I took from interviewing the amazing Henry Reich for this month’s episode of Analytically Speaking.

Henry is the creator of the very popular MinuteEarth and MinutePhysics YouTube channels, and if you’ve watched any of those, you would know his excitement about science is contagious.

It's so contagious that my daughter and I share watching MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth videos, and now that she’s roughly my size, she has claimed my Minute Physics T-shirt! I am grateful for this motivating factor in our ongoing science education.

Here is a short preview of the inspiring conversation with Henry:



Henry is every bit as engaging as his YouTube videos are. We hope you will watch his episode of Analytically Speaking, which premieres Wednesday, Feb.17 at 1:00 pm ET.

If you can’t join for the premiere of this prerecorded webcast, you can always catch it on demand along with other archived Analytically Speaking webcasts.

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