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Shhhhhhhhh... Don’t Tell Anybody Else at SAS

A just-announced corporate contest pits SAS employees against each other. Who can make the most clever 2- to 3-minute video that shows what SAS does? That’s the question. The answer: The JMP marketing staff! Only the rest of SAS doesn’t know that yet. But everyone will when, at the end of the month, we unleash our parody of a MythBusters episode.

Let’s just say that we have two “actors” who are shoo-ins for Adam and Jamie. We have a beret and a few props on the way. We have a good camera and someone who fancies himself a videographer. And, of course, we have the software to bust pretty much any myth. Now we just need to make sure we don’t blow ourselves – or our computers – up next week! Wish us luck. And stay tuned for updates on our video.

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It’s a Wrap! - JMP Blog wrote:

[...] few weeks ago, I told you about a video contest for SAS employees. I mentioned that several of us in JMP marketing were working on what can only be [...]