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Jun 24, 2015

Sharing JMP 11 results with interactive HTML

It has been an interesting decade for interactive Web technologies. The original standard, Java applets, was replaced by Flash and AJAX. For a brief time, Silverlight looked like the technology of choice. Now, the industry has consolidated on HTML 5, the interactive evolution of HTML. Interactive HTML can run powerful software, on desktops, phones or tablets. All you need is a modern Web browser -- no plug-ins or other downloads are required. We've built this technology into JMP 11 to enable customers to share results. You can publish JMP results to the Web, post them to a corporate intranet, or share them with colleagues via e-mail. HTML 5 supports interactive features of JMP, as shown in the figures below. Figure 1 shows how you can click to identify points, while Figure 2 illustrates how you can drag a brush to explore linked graphs. Figure 1.  Point Identification

Figure 1. Point Identification

Figure 2.  Brushing

Figure 2. Brushing

  Interactive HTML Examples Try point identification and brushing yourself! If you have a modern Web browser (Internet Explorer 9 or better), explore these examples. (The first two examples use data sets available in the Sample Data in JMP 11): For JMP 12, we plan to support Bubble Plots and Profilers, and we look forward to hearing which other features our customers want.